Give-Netiya Life Cycle Project

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Give Urban Farms is thrilled to partner with Netiya to bring the life cycle project to our members and congregation partners...

Rooted in the Jewish tradition of land stewardship and earth-based wisdom, Netiya is a partner in empowering and educating faith communities and individuals to grow, feed, and transform Los Angeles into a green city.

This year, we are proud to partner with Netiya in expanding their Life Cycle Project.

Netiya’s Life Cycle Project provides an opportunity to rethink the use of expensive, pesticide-soaked flowers that impact farmworker health, as well as land, air, and water as floral centerpieces travel across the nation or world to your important event. To protect and celebrate Mother Nature, we offer a more ethical way of decorating your altar or event by creating sustainable Life Cycle baskets. After the event, plants will be grown into healthy food for and by people who need it the most in our city.  

This season, consider purchasing a beautiful, locally-grown, non-GMO plant-based centerpiece for your Life Cycle/religious event. The plants showcased at your event will be planted at a Netiya-affiliated garden to support food sovereignty and food relief efforts across Los Angeles. All profits will go toward installing a food garden at an LA-based congregation located in a food desert.

Ready to customize your Life Cycle project?

Email: or call: 213.761.5111 

$200/ Altar basket

$45/ centerpiece

$75 pick-up and delivery*
*price increase if we have to rent a vehicle

Purchasing Netiya food-bearing plant arrangements is a tax deductible donation. Netiya is under the fiscal sponsorship of Community Partners, a 501c3, EIN: 95-4302067.