Our Project

We all know that land is a premium that only a few can afford in Los Angeles.  We know that California continues to struggle through a historic drought that is but a harbinger of the bigger changes that will come with climate change.  Finally, we know that many people in Los Angeles struggle to find healthy, organic fruits and vegetables to feed their families.  

 In light of these challenges, our project seeks to introduce urban farming practices that do not require traditional farms, large growing spaces, or massive water usage.  Able to fit in the nooks and crannies of the urban landscape, the Tower Garden System (TGS) is soil-less and, due to its vertical aeroponic design, uses 90% less water than soil-based farming.  The plants grown in the system thrive with purified pH-controlled water and micro nutrients.  Because the crops are grown in the farmers’ own neighborhoods, fewer fossil fuels are required to bring those crops to market.  The system is also powered by solar cells, further limiting its carbon footprint.  With TGS, we have found a way to establish farms in downtown Los Angeles without having to invest in real estate, soils and fertilizers, diminishing water resources, or carbon-intensive power.  All of this, while creating a beautiful, green platform for delivering local, sustainable, and delicious food to neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles.

Aeroponic Technology

GIVE’s vision for urban farming rests on the potential of aeroponic farming systems that combine compact design, soil-less growing environments, and water-efficiency to produce the perfect platform for bringing small, adaptable, and local farms to dense urban areas like Los Angeles.  To learn more about the specifics of aeroponic farming and its potential to transform the landscape and the diets of big cities, check out http://laurbanfarms.com/aeroponics/ .